CEU teacher accreditation?

topic posted Thu, July 22, 2004 - 3:30 PM by  Tito-MojtIto
What do I need to do to become a teacher for CEU credits?
is it by state, or nationally?
what board/organization's hoops do I need to jump through?
I have a cirriculum for a weekend class I can present along with a model.
I wnat to start teaching the work I do so i was wondering who I need to get the tap from in order to teach it?
Can i just start teaching it, jsut as a class? without the CEU dealio, or will someone try to snuff me?

Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?
Porltand, OR
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    This will in large part be determined by what you want to do. This is the link from NCBTMB to become a CEU provider recognized by them:

    Now, this may not be necessary wherever you are. F'rinstance in Texas, you have to be certifed by the Texas Dept of Health. They don't care if you're NCBTMB certified or not. So, contact your state health department (or whoever takes care of that stuff where you are).
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      Oh, so I guess that the answer to your question is: it's both. National if you want to offer CEU's to everyone, cuz the folks from states where they have to be NCBTMB certified will need those sorts of credits.

      Statewide if you only want to offer ceu's locally (and ceu's are required wherever you may be).
  • I am a CEU teacher in California. My certification/permit allows me to to teach and offer CEU's when I work under private post-secondary school only. That means I can only teach with a school in that has been state approved within the state of California.
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      Well, there's a wrinkle. How do people like John Barnes (MFR) and Jim Waslaski teach there....I guess they're Nationally Certified and aren't required to teach in a school.
      • They probably hold a California CERT (teaching certificate), which is not terribly expensive and lasts a few years and they can teach at any private postsecondary vocational massage school within the state. If they're teaching through my school, for instance, then my school would offer them the CEU's. I once took a class in Hawaii at a massage school. The guest teacher owned a school in California, so the CEU's I got were from her, not from the Hawaiian school.
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          Ah, I guess that's kinda like Texas. You have to be certified by the State to teach there (although you don't have to teach at a school). Jim Waslawski's office is in Dallas, but he doesn't teach in Texas...doesn't wanna jump thru Texas's hoops to get his cert there.
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          What I'm confused about is must I be associated with a school to apply for a CERT? Or can I apply for a CERT before being associated with a school?

          • The Certificate comes from the school you go to, not the city, county or state. The only thing you get from the city you live in, if you apply for it, is a business license. There is no standard state Licensing in CA and as of yet, and CA doesn't require the national licensing, yet. So the short answer is yes, for a certificate, you do have to go to an accredited school.
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              My fault I fear...I was not specific enough in my previous post. ;)

              I want to Teach massage in the state of California. The certificate I'm asking about is the one issued by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education (BPPVE), a branch of CA state Consumer Affairs.

              What I'm not certain about is whether you're eligible for a teaching certificate only if you're currently affiliated with a BPPVE-accredited school, or if you can apply for a certificate in advance of getting a job with an BPPVE-accredited school!


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