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Massage Practitioners: this is a space to connect with other practitioners to share stories, consult on specific cases, set up trades, exchange tips & techniques, discuss your business and marketing efforts, buy and sell your old massage supplies (selling a massage table? post a listing), share dates of upcoming classes and events, and build a stronger community of your peers. Post your contact info on the "Contact Info" thread so that potential clients can connect with you. If you'd like to offer discounts to the tribe community at large, post it in the "*DISCOUNTS*" thread. Also check out the "Bliss" threads for information about another great community for holistic practitioners and massage therapists.

Massage Clients: a forum to have all your questions answered and to connect with local practitioners (check the "Contact Info" and "*DISCOUNTS*" threads).

(Please note: this tribe focusses on therapeutic touch by certified, professional massage therapists. Touch for sexual purposes is outside the bounds of this tribe.) RSS Feed what is XML?

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